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The Great Britnerf Mod off 2024

Presented by BenMods

Mod off competitions are great fun, and a fantastic opportunity to show of your creativity.


The premise is simple, modify a blaster within the parameters, submit it before the deadline and you could claim bragging rights as the Britnerf Mod Off champion.

It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned pro or if you've never even picked up a screwdriver, the parameters of the competition ensure that all qualifying entrants are treated equally, ensuring that the competition is accessible to all. This competition isn't about performance either. If the blaster is upgraded then great, but it can remain stock if you wish. As long as it remains functional.

Once the competition is over, the top 3 blasters will be auctioned off at Foam Fest 2024 and the proceeds will be donated to the charity.



The theme for this competition is 'Fantasy'.

You can really let your imagination run wild with this one since inspiration can really come from anywhere and include elements from fantasy literature, movies, games, mythology or any fantasy genre.


Eligible Blasters:

Entrants can use any of the following blasters as the base for their design.

- NERF Stryfe

- NERF Recon/Retaliator

- NERF Maverick

That's it. Your imagination can do the rest.

Sign Up

Fancy a bit of fun and the opportunity to lift the Mod Off trophy high into the air?

The full set of rules and the sign up form can be found here.

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