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The NERF Hobby is supported by an amazing assortment of artists, engineers, designers, game organisers and traders. They all bring something to the hobby that makes it easier and more accessible for all. Foam Fest provides a unique opportunity for these people to show the community what they do. Our vendors and exhibitors come from all areas of the hobby and from right across the globe. Come meet the people who are helping to make the nerf hobby the amazing pastime that it is.

If you would like to have a table at Foam Fest to show off your artwork, brag about your arsenal or peddle your wares, then fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.

Atch Attachments

I look to design new & unique concepts in the nerf sphere. Which give you function and ways to address problems I've discovered in games. I have a focus on HPA designs, but also Flywheelers's and upgrade attachments. You can find my designs at


Home of the UK nerfing community. Starting out as a forum in 2001, The BritNerf community has flourished into one of the most active in the world. Our community event organisers run games across the country most weeks so you're never too far from a game.

Captain Xavier and the Crew Auxiliary

I am Captain Xavier. I lead the Crew and the Crew Auxiliary.

Dart Zone Blasters

Since 1990, Prime Time Toys, Ltd. has been producing family fun outdoor toys and games for endless enjoyment, indoors or out! As an established stable in the outdoor action toy industry, Prime Time Toys and its expertise in dart blaster category are dedicated to innovation and the development of original, safe, and fun products. To serve the world's fun needs, it has offices in Hong Kong and the US, and its products are sold by thousands of retailers across the globe.

Drac/Foam Pro Shop

We make printed parts for nerf blasters, machined parts for blasters, and on occasion, fools of ourselves. All in good fun.


YouTube channel and retired custom blaster builder.

Fancy Impact Blasters

FIB design and produce a variety of 3D printed parts and accessories for dart blasters. They also produce some fantastic and creative 3D printed blasters, right here in the UK.

Fancy Pants Nerf Team

Fancy Pants bring the fun into the hobby. Always wearing bright colours and big smiles, the FPNT folk are always a pleasure to play with.

Fix It Anyway

A YouTube channel, featuring exciting Nerf mods and novel new 3D printed designs

Foam Alliance UK

Foam Alliance UK are the largest Nerf team in the south west of England. They try to attend as many different events as possible up and down the country and they also have members building a variety of blasters and designing everything from custom built flywheelers, high power HPA blasters and variety of extra parts.

Frontline Foam

Frontline Foam produce 3D printed blasters and kits from various designers across the globe. They also supply a wealth of upgrade parts and accessories.

Games of Foam

Games of Foam provide a wide range of nerf events in the south of England and beyond.


Herbmeister is a springer fanatic, working on projects including the metric lynx and various original homemade designs. He also uses his workshop to prototype and manufacture machined blaster components, from hybrid barrels to hardware kits. His other pursuits include ultra-high fps development, beta-testing new designs and airbrushed paintjobs.

Monkey-Tron Collective

We collect and sell Nerf and action figures and we also make props and cosplay. Our main passion is Nerf. Find us at Nerf wars,comic con and festival events around the UK. We live and breathe it.

N7 Customs/Team N7

N7 Customs makes blasters for a variety of operational environments, from high fps long range springers, to mid range flywheelers, to kid friendly superstock.

With experience in both internal and external modifications, paintwork, shell integration and modification, and full 3d printed builds, N7 customs has been providing unique commissions since 2018.

TeamN7 is an international force of Nerfers with a shared love for an armoured aesthetic and tactical gameplay style. Their youtube and social media channels provide game footage, blaster reviews and teardowns from the UK and beyond.

OTR - Bristol

OTR are a mental health social movement supporting the wellbeing of young people in and around Bristol.

Orion Sphere LRP

Orion Sphere LRP is a science fiction live roleplaying game, that takes place in the distant future of our own galaxy, in a setting inspired by Star Trek and Firefly. Players take on the role of characters from one of four powerful Factions to compete for fame, influence and wealth. The game features tense NERF combat as well as investigations, science, immersive stories and challenging puzzles. Each of our weekend-long events take place on a different planet filled with mystery and secrets, but players can also travel to distant worlds and star systems via our Starship Bridge Simulators!

We run two to three live roleplaying events throughout the year in various parts of the UK! Check out our website for more details!

Plaid Nerf x Black Raisins

Plaid nerf - Uk based nerf enthusiast, player and builder specialising in 3dprinting and HPA. Partnering with BlackRaisins to bring the latest nerf products to the UK masses!


Developer and seller of "The Storm Blaster" motorised foam dart launcher.


UKNW are the UK's premier supplier of upgrade parts and accessories for dart blasters. They also create some incredible custom blasters on comission.

UKNW Blaster Jumble

In the 16 years I've been nerfing I've accumulated a whole heap of blasters, parts and accessories that I have no earthly use for. Piles of boxes have been sitting in my loft for years and it's time that I let them find a new home.

Come have a rummage and grab yourself a bargain. It's all got to go!


Without a doubt Worker is the worlds biggest provider of upgrade parts and accessories of dart blasters. Their products are used in almost every modded blaster and they have distributors all over the globe.


justajolt is a YouTuber who focuses on the fun this hobby brings. His zany videos are as informative as they are silly.

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