The NERF Hobby is supported by an amazing assortment of artists, engineers, designers, game organisers and traders. They all bring something to the hobby that makes it easier and more accessible for all. Foam Fest provides a unique opportunity for these people to show the community what they do. Our vendors and exhibitors come from all areas of the hobby and from right across the globe. Come meet the people who are helping to make the nerf hobby the amazing pastime that it is.

AKA Gainesy

Personality, Custom Blasters

I am a modder and collector. I mod blasters cosmeticly mainly adapting aftermarket kits and parts. I also do performance mods and have a YouTube channel where I post videos of my mods, collections and do some vlogs of nerf wars as well.



AXE are the most archaically egregious nerf warriors around, with a focus on having FUN, playing FAIR, and using CAPITAL letters unnecessarily. We have members all across the UK and Europe, and what we lack in numbers we make up for in letters.

Ace Strike Force

Event Organiser

The Ace Strike Force are a dedicated group of NERF enthusiasts available for hire! Based in the North East, based out of Disforth Airfield. Specialising in full combat scenarios.

Ammo Counter


Ammo counter for Nerf and Paintball. We support the nerf community in every way!

Atch Attachments

Design and Engineering

Atch Attachments make quality, fun, innovative Nerf upgrades and blasters. Recent He has designed a new Supercore bullpup shell and a brushless pistol. But also makes kits that give you new function like the Retaliator Slamfire, or Auto-rayven kit. On the day come and see a range of HPA blasters, brushless flywheel mods, and new prototype designs.

Balls of Duty


Balls of Duty are 2x UK Speedball champions based in Scotland. We take part in events all over the UK and hope to go to the Pro Foam Tour 2020. We also modify blasters and design our own parts. We will have a few blasters for sale at Foam Fest this year, as well as some of our own 3D printed parts. If you would like to know more about us, Check us out on Facebook and Instagram and drop us a message.



Blaster-Time aims to grow the community in Europe too. We support by supplying Nerf parts to people, and especially working on getting more stuff that is not yet available here to Europe. Besides that we also support the Dutch Nerf Community and Foam Fest. We actively participate in the community.



BoffTac suppliers hobby specific tactical gear to the discerning Nerfer. From magazine holders to holsters, we make sure you can carry all you need to the field. Everything is presented in 1000D abrasion resistant Cordura Nylon for maximum durability.

Bristol Blast

Event Organiser

Bristol Blast host two regular community events, one for over-8s (Bristol Blast) and another, more adult focused event for over-16s (Foam Flinging Skirmish). We provide a safe environment for players to experience their own version of Nerf - we are all about the "You Nerf You" philosophy. Whether that's playing HvZ with a Hammershot at one of our Bristol Blast events or running a HPA Longshot whilst pretending to be a bush at Foam Flinging Skirmish.



BritNerf is the home of the UK nerf community and at it's heart is an online forum. From BritNerf we have managed to create a UK community, Organise and support new community events and ultimately, create the worlds largest dart blaster convention.

Captain Xavier/The Crew Auxiliary

Personality, Team

Captain Xavier is a nerf YouTuber and the leader of the Crew and the Crew Auxiliary, a company and militia of nerf mercenaries dedicated to making the nerf hobby more fun for everyone.

DevilZ' Nerfworks

Custom Blasters, Design and Engineering

DevilZ' Nerfworks is a german modder, designer and retailer. His focus are smart and simple solutions to overcome complex challenges.



That undead nerfer fighting for the living.

Dutch Nerf Community


The Dutch Nerf Community is a group of Nerf modders and players from the Netherlands. We organize mod parties, and events (both indoor and outdoor). The goal of the DNC is to bring all Dutch Nerfers together, and have fun!

Fancy Impact Blasters

Custom Blasters

We like to modify blasters, it’s fun.... but there are only so many blasters a person needs! After seeing some of the modified blasters available to purchase we thought we could do that, so we have! Fancy have teamed up with Impact to create FIB, stunning blasters modified and available to purchase. We can supply a wide range of styles to suit the individual to help them stand out from the crowd.

Fancy Pants Nerf Team


A loose knit group of Nerfers united by a love of fancy blasters and having fun while being silly. We stand for good wholesome family fun with fancy blasters. Emphasis on the family, of all ages etc. Modding and team work helps outside of nerf too.

Fenland Nerfworks

Custom Blasters, Design and Engineering

Fenland Nerfworks is a collaborative project by a pair of artisans. 3D printing, mods, painting and leatherwork.

Fluffy Rainbow Unicorn Soldiers


Scotland's Fluffiest and Rainbow coloured Nerf team. Whether it be speedball, stock or high powered nerf wars we bring fun and colour to party.

Foam Alliance UK


We are a team of Nerfers who attend a variety of events but specialise in higher power blasters with many of us utilising HPA and custom designed parts and blasters.

Foam Dart Thunder

Event Organiser

Established in 2013 we are now the UK’s premier Nerf event and party provider. Hosting some of the biggest events in the country in the most unique locations. We actively encourage the hobby through our large events, active schools programs and skatepark events.

Foam Data Services

Personality, Custom Blasters, Design and Engineering, Event Organiser

Foam Data Services offer a community chronograph service and are dedicated to providing a good pool of data to help you pick the best blasters for your needs. They also create some amazing blasters. Through their YouTube channel the show occasional shop and skills content which are very useful to the community.



FoamBlast supplies modding materials, provides testing and modding resources, and shares the Nerf News each week. Most importantly, we are proud to support Nerfing communities and events in any way we can.

FoamWar inc.

Event Organiser

FoamWar, Inc. is a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit run by foam flinging enthusiast volunteers in order to host and run www.ragnarocktoberfest.com each October in San Jose, CA. We are a social impact organization with an emphasis on STEM education that provides children and adults the opportunity to develop community and core values including respect, integrity, leadership, and teamwork while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Games of Foam

Event Organiser

We like to have fun at Games of foam, and we feel everyone else should too! we have lots of different events that cater to new players and more experienced players! From Nerf wars in shopping centres to underground caves. Archery tag at fair and fetes and foam sword fighting at youth centres. We are community driven and try to make out events as affordable as we can so everyone can enjoy them from little kids to BIG kids everyone is welcome at our events.


Design and Engineering

Herbmeister works on a wide variety of nerf projects, from custom machined parts, to airbrushed paintjobs, homemade blasters, hpa conversions and original 3d printed blasters. Based in south london he can be regularly found at DSS games, and for more information see his instagram @herbmeister_nerf

Jackrabbit Nerfer

Design and Engineering

We design blasters and accessories.

Jefe's Welt der Dartblaster

Custom Blasters

Jefe's Welt der Dartblaster Show - Stryfe's and more Stryfe's ;)



I currently try to contribute to growth in the community by using my YouTube channel as a gateway to raise public awareness of Nerf as a hobby, introduce potential Nerfers to the Britnerf community and encourage them to find their local Nerf event. I do this by producing and publishing (hopefully) engaging, family friendly YouTube content which is viewed around ten thousand times a day and appeals to people both inside and outside the community.

Lowrhine Mechanical Artworks

Custom Blasters

Lowrhine Mechanical Artworks is a small blaster shop from Germany doing integrations, modding, paintjobs, hydrodipping and everthing you want. Since a short time we can offer courses to support everyone in this hobby!

Mega Blaster World

Event Organiser

Mega Blaster World, supplier to the NERFING World the ultimate NERF Party host for both Events and Quality NERF Parties in the UK. Covering the Southeast of England from Reading to Dover and Peterborough to Portsmouth, from 15 persons to 1,000 persons, multiple fields of play with Paintball spec professional inflatable fields, there is no one quite like us to provide your entertainment indoors or out.

Monkeytron Collective

Custom Blasters, Personality

We are nerf enthusiasts, modders, players, game organisers, prop makers and founding members of Foam fest. Attending comic conventions and nerf games all over the world we promote BritNerf and the nerf hobby. FF2020 Charity Statement: We travel the country to conventions and games promoting Britnerf and the nerf hobby as an inclusive safe place where young people can learn new skills and have a tonne of fun doing so.

N7 Customs

Custom Blasters

N7 Customs specialises in 100-130 fps modded blasters suitable for use at Britnerf Community events. Custom paint jobs, internal and external modifications and integrations are all available on request. You can also check out my YouTube channel for gameplay footage and the occasional review! https://m.facebook.com/SpectreN7Nerf/


Custom Blasters

Pre built and custom orders of Blasters to the Brit Nerf game regulations. High powered Blasters also available to order. Blaster shell painting and cosmetically enhancing available. Professionally built by a qualified mechanical and electrical engineer with a Military armament background.



Nerfkrig.dk is the focal point for all Danish Nerf enthusiasts. No matter if you want to play, modify blasters, or just think it's fun, check out what we have to offer! It is a good alternative to paintball and airsoft as it can be played anywhere, is cheaper and with less mess and injury.

Off the Record (Bristol)


OTR is a mental health social movement by and for young people aged 11-25 living in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Support for mental health and wellbeing comes in many forms and OTR are constantly exploring new ways to provide it.

Orange Mod Works


We mod nerf blasters and sell high performance internal kits as well as new foam blasters. Our aim is to work hard towards offering tools that can assist the community in making their mod ideas a reality.

Patrol Base


We will be bringing along the Ceda S and supplys for customers to try out and feedback, they will also be available to purchase on the day. Representative from Ceda will be joining us in the promotion and we should have free t-shirts available too! We are really looking forward to meeting you all.

Rainbow Mods and Props

Custom Blasters

I make colourful Nerf Mods and other props. I will be bringing lots of funky Mods :)

Scruffy Looking Nerf Hoarder

Personality, Collector

Scotland's "Scruffy Looking Nerf Hoarder is a YouTube channel all about Star Wars toy weapons but mainly focused on Star Wars Nerf blasters released over the last 20 years. Join me as I review, compare, play and talk about my two favourite passions, Star Wars and Nerf.

SirScorp Dartblaster

Custom Blasters

SirScorp is a passionate foam flinger. Beside his optical mods he is especially known for his numerous longshots. He also blogs in German and English for the Blasterparts Blog and is an active moderator of Blasted.de - The German Dartblaster Community. You can find him at Facebook and Instagram. @SirScorpDartblaster

Treezy the Nerf Sniper

Custom Blasters, Design and Engineering

High powered, accurate, HPA blasters, along with effective concealment systems.

Tropicana Thunder


In 2017, a Group of Nerfers who love when a plan comes together, created a close-knit team of elite operatives. Framed for mods against Hasbro, Tropicana Thunder go rogue, using their special talents to clear their names and find the perpetrator. Hot on their trail is AXE, who has sworn vengeance against Tropicana and has sworn to capture them, no matter what it takes.


Retailer, Custom Blasters

For over 10 years we have been providing the community with custom blasters as well as upgrade parts and accessories. We are the UK's largest supplier to the nerf hobby.

Women of Nerf


We are Women of Nerf: a global community dedicating to female nerfers around the world. We promote inclusion for all, regardless of gender, and celebrate the work of our members on and off the field. Our mission is this: To provide women of the nerf community fair representation throughout the world.



WORKER is a wargame toy and service company with several brands. The main business is the design, production and sale of toys, models and more.